Sunday, 31 July 2011

Stripy Goodness

I'm thinking I'm well overdue an update, so here I am... updating. Even if just to prove (to myself more than anyone else) that this isn't just another project that's going to get started and then lost in the warp (cupboard) with all the others.

Anyway, haven't had much modelling time lately (I won't bore you with the details), but I have started making some progress on the LandRaider.

As you can see I've been getting my stripe on, slowly but surely building up the bass coats (I like to paint in sections then glue everything into place when I'm happy... then just go round touching up the seams).

Unfortunately my daylight bulb packed in, so I can't get any good shots till morning. And excuse the sloppiness, I'm yet to go in with the second (third and probably fourth) coats of black, and tidy the whole thing up a bit (a lot).

I have also started building up some greenstuff on the blade.

The green is really just structural, as I'll probably go in with some miliput for the finer details, although I left it quite rough when I did similar work on my vindicator and that ended up looking suitably chaotic, so I'll decided when it's dry and I can have a good look without ruining it.

That's all for now, more updates when I get the light on my side.

C&C always welcome.

- Dave :)


  1. Personally I like the look of it how it is, as you say looks more chaotic!

  2. Cheers

    I'll wait and see how it blends into the paintjob and decide then if it needs more adding to it. Right now it's still drying though... I hate waiting for gs to cure, I just wanna paint it straight away lol