About Yours Truly


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... My cousin introduced me to the world of citadel miniatures. Shortly after that monumental event in space and time, it was my birthday, and as a gift from the gods Games Workshop released what I believe to be their finest boxed set ever. The now discontinued GORKAMORKA (if you've never played it, go get yaself a copy of DA ROOLZ and DA UVVER BOOK and go knock yaself out [keep and eye out for the first ever appearance of a necron too] )

That wasn't enough...

I dabbled in the necromantic arts for a while, and never took my orks further than Manik MorFangz Megga Mob! (they were a crack team of elite ork warriors, who once took on a 500pt guard army and won... all 12 of 'em!  .. Gork be Praised!)


I've always had a special place in my heart for a blood soaked chainaxe. Call me old fashioned, but when it comes to fighting I like to taste the fear of my enemies up close and personal, none of this "hide behind a sandbag and call in the superheavies" nonsense.

So Khorne it is then. (after a little detour down nurgleville, but that was just a phase)

Now I know what you're thinking.... "this blog is very iron warriors for a so called khorne worshipper" , and you'd be right! Kinda.

The Iron Helms of Khorne are a warband formed after the siege of the Imperial Palace on unholy terra "back in the day". Iron Warriors and World Eaters fought alongside each other during the siege and after days of fighting the Iron Warriors had to resort to "less shooty" tactics to achieve their goal, and they liked it a bit too much.
All this will eventually be covered in the fluff section of this here blog

AAAAAAAANYWAAY.... getting back on track, many years later I have since started my very own warband I haven't had much time for the battle side of the hobby, but every now and then when the warpstorms are still I like to get out my paintbrush and greenstuff and see what happens, and that's what this blog is for. A quiet little corner of the warp I can call my own to get me back into the habit of actually painting my miniatures, and hopefully spread a little chaos along the way.

C&C always welcome

- Dave :)