Friday, 9 September 2011

And the Winner is?....

So what have I been up to lately?

The answer, I'm sad to say... not a lot (modelling wise anyway).

My Rumble and Stumble entry was (as I expected) beaten by the Big Mek, and rightly so... but I can rest assured that if I were one of those people to vote for themselves (and not for the mek as I did), then I would have been the victor, so I'm happy with that.

the winning mek

As for recent endeavours... I'm hoping to get some paint to plastic soon, I've got my eye on some Mantic Games minis (lovely looking undead hordes to be exact).

Can't say much more than that for now, but I just wanted to let those of you that may be interested, know how I faired in my first ever painting comp

Take it easy, and hopefully a new pic heavy blog will be heading your way soon enough :)

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