Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bob Version 2.0

So that last armature I made was a little... let's say "sketchy"... but for all it's flaws, it was a good starting point.

After getting my dimensions a bit more down to earth (trust me, you never appreciate how small 28mm really is until you take a ruler to a mini), I set about clipping some more wire and digging out the soldering iron to make myself a "proper" armature.

My soldering iron was missing the end and after a long look I made my own... It did not work...

Given what I had at my disposal it was ok, but the heat didn't make it to the end, which was pretty useless. So I bit the bullet and waited A WHOLE DAY to go to the shop and buy a new one.(soldering iron that is, why not eh?).

I also picked up a couple of crocodile clips with which to make this...


Clip, Cut, Solder Solder...

but alas... Bob 2.0 turned out a little on the tall side, but after some measuring it seemed he was only long in the leg, so with a bit of clever wire bending...

and BINGO was his name-OH!

nrxt comes polymer clay muscular layer and rough shaping... ooooooh yeeeeah!

Stay Tuned :)

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